iOS Swift Boilerplate

Save hours of development and ship your iOS app in a few days or hours

A Swift UI Boilerplate that takes care of features commonly needed in mobile apps, and lets you save time and focus on your value proposition and main features.

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SwiftShip features

SwiftShip Features

What's inside SwiftShip?

iOS boilerplate to save hours of development and research with pre-built features commonly needed in mobile apps.

User Onboarding

User Onboarding

  • Splash screen

  • One screen onboarding

  • Multiple screen onboarding

+2 hours saved



  • Integration with Supabase

  • Magic Link Authentication

  • Login with Email/Password

+4 hours saved

iAP Monetization

iAP Monetization

  • Integration with RevenueCat

  • RC Remote Paywalls

  • Footer Paywall Example

  • In-App Purchase Helper

+2 hours saved



  • Integration with Mixpanel

  • Integration with TelemetryDeck

+1 hour saved

Other Components

Other Components

  • Push Notifications with OneSignal

  • Lottie Animations

  • Settings Screen

  • Dark Mode Support

  • Securely Stored Keys in Config File

  • iPad Compatibility

  • Useful Functions & Components

+∞ hours saved


Hey, It's Ayoub 👋

I've been working on iOS mobile apps for nearly 5 years, always striving to ship fast and minimize my time to market.To achieve this, I reuse code from my previous apps as much as possible.To make this code reusable and structured for me as for anyone. I built SwiftShip as a Swift UI boilerplate code. It includes pre-built features commonly needed in iOS mobile apps.It will save iOS developers hours of development time, research, effort, and headaches when building and shipping iOS apps.

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Simple pricing to accelerate your iOS apps development with an all-in-one Swift UI boilerplate project.

SwiftShip Boilerplate


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  • SwiftShip SwiftUI boilerplate

  • Splash screen

  • One screen onboarding

  • Multiple screens onboarding

  • iAP Monetization

  • Authentication

  • Analytics

  • Lottie animations

  • Settings screen

  • Push Notifications new

  • Useful components & functions

  • Complete documentation

  • Upcoming updates

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Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Reach me on Twitter or by Email

1. What do I get?

You'll get the SwiftShip Swift UI boilerplate code source.
The boilerplate includes pre-built features, flows and integrations commonly needed in iOS mobile apps as shown on the website's features section.
You'll also get access to complete documentation around SwiftShip boilerplate code source to help you get the app up and running.

2. What happens after I complete the purchase?

Upon completing the checkout (purchase), you will instantly receive a SwiftShip compressed file that contains the full SwiftShip Swift UI boilerplate code source. From there, you can initiate your iOS app development using the SwiftShip boilerplate by following the Swiftship documentation.

3. Is the SwiftShip boilerplate code customizable?

Absolutely! The SwiftShip code source and its features are completely customizable.
The primary purpose of the boilerplate is to provide you with a foundational template that can be easily tailored to meet your specific requirements. This streamlined approach is designed to minimize the time and effort required for developing and shipping your iOS app.

4. How often is SwiftShip updated?

I continuously use SwiftShip for iOS apps, which means I update the boilerplate code regularly wherever needed and based on the feedback I receive.

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Save hours of development and ship your iOS app in a few days or hours.

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